TrioGroup trio TREITS Innovative Income Producing Asset-Backed Investments

Who we are

TrioGroup is a multi-disciplined asset management group delivering investment alternatives to institutional and retail investors in the United States (through Trio Opportunity Fund) and in Canada (through Trio US Opportunity Fund) with a focus on asset-backed yield. TrioGroup exclusively offers a proprietary residential lease financing program for investors from private capital groups to non-profit housing organizations to government agencies. The core product, brand name ‘Trio’, is patterned after the car lease and provides one to five year lease financing with an included option to purchase. Trio offers consumers a mortgage alternative for their new home, providing more flexibility and extending the availability of credit to the housing market.

What we offer investors

TrioGroup’s investment strategy is intended to exceed average rental investment returns while minimizing the risks and costs associated with typical residential real estate investment products. TrioGroup features investments in new single family homes built by top American homebuilders in markets with historically strong employment and appreciation rates. With over 13 years of experience in residential lease financing, a seasoned cross-border asset management team and a strategic relationship with one of the USA’s largest homebuilders, TrioGroup is well-positioned to expand its investment offerings to new investors and asset managers seeking superior income producing asset-backed returns. For enquiries, email